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COLD milk can go anywhere .... and stay COLD

Enjoy great tasting, ice-cold milk, smoothies & juice.


School Lunch Milk
Organic, whole, chocolate milk,
or smoothies. It's your choice!

" Luke came home from school yesterday and said that a grumpy lunch lady shouted, "come on Luke, hurry up, get in line to buy your milk", Luke said he just gave a little smile and raised his My Cold Cup and said, "I have my milk right here". He said the lunch lady and the cafeteria monitor came over to check it out. I think Luke was really pleased to have a solution to this daily drama."
[2 years later] "The cold cups are still being used and going strong!"

Heather, Pennsylvania, USA


Add cold milk to Protein Shakes
Take milk with you, ready to add
when you want a fresh, cold shake

" The main reason I went with your cold cups is starting next week I'm going to start working out in the gym again. I will be having a protein shake at work. I've tried various products to keep my skim milk cold till noon but none worked very well. I use a shaker to mix the protein powder and milk. ...I really don't like luke warm shakes. I'm currently enrolled in a Rescue Diver course and I need to get stronger to handle the gear I wear, one of the heaviest tanks on the market."
[6 months later] "The cold cups work better than expected. Very pleased."

Rick, Michigan, USA


On a Diet that allows
semi-skimmed milk for mid-day?
It will taste so much better cold!

Are you on a diet that allows a healthy extra 250ml semi skimmed milk? Would you love to take it along for lunchtime but find it really difficult to transport a measured amount of milk and keep it cold? Many containers get too warm and the milk becomes sour. And they often have seals that need to be taken apart to clean. If you are a working Mum who doesn't have much time, you need something that works and is quick to clean. myColdCup holds 250 ml and definitely keeps milk at the perfect temperature for lunch time. At the end of the day, it is super easy to clean.. obviously designed by a mother herself.

Ice-cold drink

Deep chill! The only cup on the market that keeps milk at the right temperature for 5 hours.

The sum of over half a decade of design and engineering by experts in thermal technology